We've developed an innovative online test that teachers and psychologists can use to quickly determine if a child's working memory is a cause for concern
Working Memory Power Test for Children
The WMPT is a new generation online test which was designed for administration by non-specialist assessors. It allows teachers to quickly determine if a child’s working memory capacity is at a level commensurate with their same-age peers.

The WMPT involves 5 stages that progressively tax a child’s ability to store and manipulate non-verbal material. It can be administered to children as young as 4.

The fact that we also record the amount of time a child takes to respond to each question, as well as the level of confidence they have in their answers, adds a depth of information about test performance that is not captured in any other test of working memory.

We are actively seeking research partners for a range of projects. If you're interested in chatting with us about the WMPT, please contact us.