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One quick cognitive test – three innovative report options that highlight individual differences and the diversity in the way people think,
make decisions, learn and approach their work.

Organizations can use these reports to help support their people towards maximum engagement, job satisfaction and team effectiveness.

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Cognitive Style Report

Choose this report to help individuals improve their job and team performance by identifying how their cognitive style influences their behavior

Learning Agility Report

Choose this report to help individuals identify which facets of learning agility they should cultivate and strengthen to become more learning agile

Work Style Report

Choose this report to help individuals make the right career choices by clarifying their work orientation from a unique cognitive perspective

Cognitive Style Report

This report aligns a person with 1 of 4 cognitive styles – Global, Analytical, Intuitive or Linear.

Each cognitive style represents individual differences in the way people think, solve problems and make decisions, as well as characteristic behavioral patterns that influence their job performance and how they mesh with others in teams.

A person’s cognitive style is neither right or wrong, but knowing a person’s style matters a great deal when it comes to their performance management. 

Choose this report to help a person recognize the positive contribution they bring to a team, and the steps they can take to improve their communication, collaboration and overall job performance.

Learning Agility Report

This report focuses on a person’s learning agility, one of the most widely talked about and sought after competencies in 21st Century workplaces.

It is especially important in the context of automation and job transformation, where the need to upskill and redeploy staff is essential to the survival and growth of many businesses.

Learning agility is multifaceted and includes a growth mindset, self awareness, personal drive to progress and succeed, willingness to put new learning into action, and speed and flexibility of learning.

Choose the Learning Agility Report to help a person identify which of these facets they should cultivate and strengthen to become more learning agile.

Work Style Report

This report focuses on a person’s work style – the combination of cognitive and behavioral characteristics that shape their work orientation.

A person is aligned with 1 of 4 work styles – Ideas-oriented, Detail-oriented, Action-oriented or Procedures-oriented – as means of helping with deliberations about their job fit and career pathways.

Staffing decisions that factor in a person’s work style can help reduce selection errors associated with job mismatches.

Choose this report to help a person make informed choices about roles that are right for them and the type of work where they are likely to be happy, productive, and engaged in the long term. 

Download fact sheets and sample reports

Cognitive Style Report

Learning Agility Report

Work Style


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