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Three choices to help you quickly identify high potential people in your applicant groups. Think faster, more information-rich alternatives to traditional cognitive ability tests.

The MAS assessments uniquely sample metacognition by requiring test takers to ‘think about their thinking’. This is used to evaluate their decision making style for any evidence of overconfidence or underconfidence bias. 

Business Fundamentals

A fast and modern alternative to traditional abstract, verbal and numerical tests

General Potential

A working memory-based alternative to traditional abstract & diagrammatic reasoning tests

Numerical Advanced

A mental agility-focused alternative to traditional numerical reasoning and aptitude tests

“ebilities assessments offer a unique combination of measures – ability and confidence. These elements combine to give our recruiters and clients a powerful view of not only a candidate's intellectual ability and capacity to rapidly apply newly learned information in their work, but also their level of confidence in that ability. The implications of over- or under-confidence are of real interest and add an important perspective to the results.”

Mark Whitehead
Senior Product Manager | Assessment

Business Fundamentals

This assessment is designed to identify cognitively versatile people whose decision making is not influenced by overconfidence or underconfidence bias.

It samples fluid ability and crystallized knowledge, as well as the speediness aspect of cognition. Scores are combined algorithmically to provide an overall measure of general ability.

Download the Business Fundamentals Fact Sheet and Sample Report

General Potential

This assessment is designed to identify people who combine quick learning and problem solving, with high self belief and confidence in their decision making.

It features working memory testing, and provides an opportunity for all test takers to demonstrate their fluid ability and metacognitive awareness of their ability.

Download the General Potential Fact Sheet and Sample Report

Numerical Advanced

The MAS Numerical assessment is designed to identify highly numerate people who are confident in their abilities.

It samples both fluid ability and numerical crystallized knowledge in a mental agility format where all test questions are individually timed and have fast-paced cut-off limits.

Download the Numerical Fact Sheet and Sample Report

MAS cognitive ability tests feature

Real time analysis

ebilities MAS test platform incorporates sophisticated ‘real time’ analysis of test taker behaviour to deter non-compliance with test instructions and detect actions that invalidate test results.

Mental Agility format

All cognitive ability tests are designed in a mental agility format – a test taker must enter an answer within a short time interval or the question will ‘time-out’ and they will move onto the next question.

Standard & Advanced

‘Standard’ versions are available for general workforce screening, and ‘Advanced’ versions for graduate and professional level testing. Shorter time-out intervals feature in Advanced variants.

LOFT construction

Each test is uniquely assembled in real time for each test taker using innovative linear-on-the-fly (LOFT) test construction technology, drawing from a combination of item pools and randomization procedures.


ebilities have developed a game-changing new class of psychometric tests that shortcut the process of evaluating ability, decision making and personality. They are a fast, unbiased and objective way for organizations to obtain the psychometric data they need to hire and promote the right people, and engage and develop the entire workforce.