Using modern psychometrics, we have demonstrated a new psychometric model that unpacks the interaction between cognitive ability and cognitive confidence, such that the relative match and mismatch between the two provides a rich source of information on a broad range of personality dimensions.

Dr Heather Douglas, PhD, B Psych (Hons)
ebilities Consulting Psychometrician

Cognitive confidence is a stable individual differences factor or trait that relates to the self-belief a person has in their cognition or thought processes.

It is measured by sampling a test taker’s metacognition – as part of the testing process they are required to ‘think about their thinking’ and indicate the confidence they have in the answers they give to test questions. 

Cognitive confidence provides direct insights into the way people think, act and behave, but what’s most revealing about a person’s personality, is the relative match or mismatch between their cognitive ability and cognitive confidence.

A general finding from our research is that people who are low in cognitive confidence become increasingly cautious as their cognitive ability levels rise. A tendency to avoid situations where they are the centre of attention, and a fear of being negatively evaluated, are characteristics which may limit their career progression.

In contrast, people who are both high in cognitive ability and high in cognitive confidence are more likely to possess characteristics typically associated with high potential, including ambition, self sufficiency, resilience and independence. They are less likely to report feelings of  anxiety, self doubt or fear of failure.

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